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What to Wear for Boot Camp: Gear Up, Kit Up and Turn Up, and Workout Right!

As we all know, bootcamping makes you hot, so dressing appropriately is vital to keeping cool and moving freely. So, let's look at what to wear for Boot camp.

What to Wear for Boot Camp Belfast Shaws Bridge

Weathering Northern Ireland

Let’s talk about the weather in Northern Ireland—it’s as predictable as a room full of kittens. We do get those rare sunny days when everyone strips down to burn for a day while celebrating the sun god with more zest than a zesty McZest lemon on holiday. But worry not—those are days so rare that they're often shrugged off as myths. Anyway, back to the more predictable. It makes it easy to sort your fitness attire.

Choosing the Right Materials

Regarding workout wear, the fabric is just as important as the fit. Opt for breathable materials that wick away sweat and allow you to move without restriction. These fabrics keep you cool during vigorous workouts and dry quickly, meaning you focus more on having a great workout rather than thinking about how moist you might feel. (I've tried rewording that; I tried wet, but that was just as bad!).

Dressing the Part

You don’t need to look like you’re headed for the Olympics, but there’s something about wearing the right gear that boosts your morale. Feeling the part can psychologically boost your performance and enjoyment. Here’s what you generally need, come rain or shine to be a winner:

  • Joggers: Choose between long or short, depending on the weather. Lightweight and breathable, it is your go-to.

  • Tops: A vest or lightweight top for warmer days and a long-sleeve top when it’s cooler. Layering is key!

  • Rain Jacket: A light, breathable rain jacket is essential for those inevitable drizzly days.

  • Water Bottle: Go for something sturdy yet light, easy to carry while running, and don’t spend a fortune since they have a habit of disappearing!

Footwear: The Foundation of Your Workout

The constant in your workout wardrobe should be your footwear. Well-fitted, grippy shoes are crucial year-round. Something like Asics would do well for Northern Irish weather, but consider something more robust like Salomons for the muddier, snowy months.

Illuminate the way.

When the nights arrive earlier, and the darkness descends and shrouds everything in a cloak of the great unseen, grab yourself a headlight torch to communicate the way, be the light, be the beacon, be not running into stuff. Get a headlight torch.

Tech on Your Wrist

A smartwatch can be a great companion, tracking everything from your steps to your heart rate. Some can even monitor your blood sugar levels—handy for maintaining your energy throughout the workout.

Dressing Tips

Finally, as long as you avoid showing up in dinner attire or looking like a Victorian butler, you’re all set. Comfort and confidence in your gear translate directly into performance.

Now that you know what to wear, I can’t wait to see you all geared up at BootCamping. Let’s get moving and make every session count!



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