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LIFTu - Mindfulness

Mark McIntyre.

  1. Psychology background & Mindfulness Master: Combining scientific insights with mindful practices for holistic growth.

  2. CIMSPA Registered Advanced Personal Trainer: Championing fitness as a key part of overall wellness since 2005. (1343751)

  3. Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Staying up to date with various studies. (486340).

  4. Social Empowerment Expert: Creating inclusive environments that foster growth and rehabilitation.

  5. Published Author: Inspiring readers with practical guidance, motivation, education, and humour. (more here).

  6. Client-Centric Approach: Committed to elevating clients' physical and mental resilience.

Mark McIntyre will LIFTu Northern Ireland

Meet Mark McIntyre, a man on a mission to uplift, inspire, and transform lives. His journey is one of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering belief in each person's potential.

With a background in Psychology from The Open University and a Level 5 Master certification in mindfulness coaching, Mark combines scientific insights with mindful practices to unlock unique paths to wellness and success. Since leaving the Royal Navy in 2005, Mark has been a CIMSPA-registered advanced personal trainer, leveraging his expertise to promote physical fitness as a cornerstone of mental and emotional well-being. He is a paid-up member of the British Psychological Society.

His career includes several directorships ranging from imports to a social enterprise (New Leaf Hub CIC), where his passion for empowerment shaped various projects aimed at helping those most in need. Whether establishing a rural gym, confidence-boosting activities for kids in care and ex-prisoners or spearheading outreach programmes to combat homelessness, Mark's vision has always been clear: create inclusive, empowering environments to foster personal growth and rehabilitation.

Mark's commitment to education led him to the classroom, and over several years, he supported learners in attaining self-actualised successes; during that time and at significant personal cost, Mark stood up for the rights of young people with learning disabilities to not be discriminated against (via whistleblowing action), which then led Mark to the prestigious Queen's University in Belfast, where he served as an independent employment skills mentor as part of his own training business,  VUES Training, where he successfully taught employability skills to the modern, global workforce. As a public speaker and motivational leader, Mark has used his insights and experiences to inspire audiences, guiding them on their personal and professional journeys.

The power of the written word is another tool Mark possesses. As a published author, he has penned several books, including the self-help book "LIFTu," offering readers practical, engaging guidance to enrich their lives.

Mark seeks new opportunities and experiences to broaden his impact. His overarching philosophy is clear: while we can't necessarily control others' actions, we can master our thoughts and responses. This attitude of empowerment and resilience drives LIFTu and everything that Mark stands for.

Challenges may be a part of life, but we can rise above them with understanding, effort, and resilience. As we elevate ourselves, we elevate each other – every day, in every way. That's the spirit of LIFTu, and that's the commitment Mark brings to every interaction, every project, and every day.

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