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Group Mindful Moments.
Positive peer-led mindfulness!

Mindful Moments northern ireland

"LIFTu" is a platform that hosts a unique peer-led mindfulness service called "Mindful Moments". Our thoughts drive every action we take, and thus, our achievements in the real world depend on having a positive mindset. Mindful Moments is designed to help improve your mindset within your own world. Our sessions take place in a lovely café where, with a drink and cake, we support each other by listening and occasionally offering solutions. We believe that success and failure both start in the same place and by offering support, we can help each other achieve our goals.

Mindful Moments coffee and cake with mark mcintyre on ryde seafront

Starts with cake and chat.

  • You sign up to the list. (form below)

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in total.

  • Sessions are typically once per week. (w/end).

  • We meet at a cafe.

  • Start with tea and talk.

  • Group walk,

  • On your first visit, you'll be provided an Actions and Reflections journal. (your first copy is free).

Mindful Moments at LIFTu northern ireland

Walk and talk.

  • Walking and talking frees the mind and allows for more natural conversations.

  • Enjoy the scenery, from woodland to the beach or the glorious mountains.

  • Be part of a motivated community, each member propelling the next.

  • Experience the ripple effect of shared triumphs over personal challenges.

  • Weather dependant and upon group agreement.

  • All mindfulness resources are provided. 

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