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Boot camp group fitness belfast shaws bridge


shaws bridge, belfast 

Why Shaws Bridge Bootcamping?

Have you ever considered how nice it would be to trade the stuffy confinement of gym machines for the chirping freedom of birds and a gentle breeze? That's where we step in.
Bootcamping is about getting fit and refreshing your body and mind together. It’s your chance to soak in the outdoors, push your limits, and have a blast doing it. 

Starting soon

Shaws Bridge, Belfast

Schedule TBC:
18:30 3 x p/wk+
06:00 3 x p/wk+. 

PAYG  £5 p/workout.


Our Training Methods and Their Benefits

Our sessions are a clever mix of what the great outdoors offers and some savvy training techniques I've honed over my 50 years. We use everything from the natural terrain to our body weight to create varied, full-body workouts.The goal? Improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility while giving your mental health a hearty boost. And let me tell you, the energy levels you'll experience are through the roof—I'm living proof!

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Who Is Bootcamping For?

If you’re wondering whether Bootcamping is for you, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether you're a gym addict looking for a breath of fresh air, or someone who prefers the freedom of the outdoors, you'll fit right in. Age or fitness level doesn’t matter here. What matters is your eagerness to enjoy yourself and embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you're keen to laugh, learn, and maybe even leap, we're exactly who you're looking for.

Add a sprinkle of challenge - for fun!

Bootcamping offers more than 'fitness in the park'. It becomes a motivational driver in life! As such we have lovely walks up the mountains, challenge hikes and bimbles around the coast, in addition to a dip in the sea every now and then, just for the thrill of it. We can even engage in mindfulness sessions atop a mountain or next to a waterfall, sometimes in the rain; how cool is that!

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