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Personal coaching

personal mindfulness sessions

We all have moments in our lives when whatever can go wrong does! At those times, we all try our best to cope; some methods are positive, others less so; however, no matter the intention, we tend to paper over the cracks superficially, and the cycle starts again.  

It's to break the chain and enjoy a brighter future!

All approaches are different, but some methods include;
Mindfulness in action.
Career coaching.
Building a new business.
Confidence in public speaking.

1:1 Personal Training, programs & nutrition.

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At LIFTu, we provide a personalised coaching experience that starts with an appraisal to determine where you are in your journey. We examine your successes, motivations, and any challenges to identify the strategies and solutions that will work best for you; more info here...

With various exercises, you will overcome your obstacles and succeed in all areas of your life.​
Your sessions are in-person or remotely over Zoom. However, you like.
Remember to get started by booking a free 1:1 consultation.

The feeling of liftu personal mindfulness
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