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15 Excuses (overcome) for Avoiding Outdoor Exercise at Shaws Bridge Boot Camp Belfast

We've all heard some outlandish reasons for skipping workouts, but these funny excuses take the cake. Here are 15 of the most humorous reasons people avoid outdoor exercise and how Belfast Boot Camp at Shaws Bridge can turn those excuses into motivation.

15 Excuses  (overcome) for Avoiding Outdoor Exercise at Shaws Bridge Boot Camp Belfast

Top 15 Funny Excuses for Skipping Outdoor Workouts
  1. "My dog asked me to stay home."

  • Bootie will give you more energy to take your dog on mammoth walks, and you can bring your dog to the hiking sessions!

  1. "A fox stole my car keys while I was asleep."

  • At Shaws Bridge, you can walk or cycle to the boot camp—no keys needed.

  1. "I was really sick tomorrow."

  • And every day, until you change something. Fresh air is the cure and BootCamp is the doctor... I'm not a doctor, let's just be 100% clear on this!

  1. "I had a dream that my cat sabotaged my trainers."

  • If your trainers are on your feet, you're safe. Wear them, jaunt down to Shaws Bridge, and nobody will attack your trainers! (hopefully!).

  1. "My psychic told me not to."

  • Oh, I thought I'd see you at class; my psychic must charge more!

  1. "I fell over in the shower and knocked myself out."

  • Is balance a problem? learn greater spatial awareness and never fall over in the bathroom again.

  1. "My legs fell asleep on the loo, and when I stood up, I broke my ankle."

  • Sweet dreams are not made of those; maybe if you lived the dream, you wouldn't have done that. Dreams are handed out at Boot Camp every day!

  1. "A chicken attacked my mother."

  • Stuff that! Shaws Bridge is a poultry-free zone, so you'll definitely not be spitting feathers!

  1. "I already get my daily exercise by walking to the doughnut shop."

  • We hand out free doughnuts every 6th Friday of the month!

  1. "I exercise by swivelling on my computer chair."

  • You need to swivel with something else; how about battle ropes?

  1. "I can't exercise because my Nike Air trainers cost £150."

  • That's worth more than my car. How about barefoot workouts instead?

  1. "I'm already thin, so if I exercise, I might waste away."

  • Maybe have a chat with the doughnut diva?!

  1. "My favourite TV show is Celebrity Fit Club; watching it counts."

  • I was thinking about doing a blog series, you can be the star!

  1. "I can't afford it."

  • Free to try, low pay, and you can create your membership plan! You may be surprised!

  1. "I'm too busy exercising my thumb on the TV remote."

  • Bring your remote with you if you like, I mean, you might lose it, but when you're in better shape, you'll have better things to turn on, than a TV ;-)

Serious Reasons and Real Solutions

In all seriousness, there are legitimate reasons why we sometimes can't exercise, such as illness or injury. However, the trick is not to let a one-off valid reason become a habitual excuse. At Belfast Boot Camp, we focus on helping you find the motivation and support you need to stay committed to your fitness goals.


Ready to overcome your excuses and make a positive change? Join us at Belfast Boot Camp for a free workout session. Register today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

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