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The Subtle Art of Dodging Shaws Bridge Boot Camp Exercise with Mostly Terrible Excuses

Cancelled Excuses - Shaws Bridge Boot camp.

Have you ever wondered why making excuses not to exercise could almost be considered a national sport? Nearly everyone has a go-to list of reasons why today isn't the day to get moving. Here’s a humorous look at why we dodge what’s good for us and how we can laugh ourselves right out of apathy and into action.

Shaws Bridge Boot Camp Transform Your Fitness in Belfast no more excuses

The Great British Excuse-Off

Lack of Motivation: Despite all the social media posts of 'make today the day' or a monochrome image of Batman with the slogan 'with great power comes the greatest responsibility to exercise', exercise and self-improvement are not happening today, but.... maybe tomorrow. If those posters don't convince you, how about making workouts a game? You could instead run up and down the office stairs while shouting that you are, indeed, superman. Other than that, stop whinging & get Bootcamping.

Feeling Too Tired: Are you too tired to move? Think of exercise as your natural espresso shot—it perks you up! Begin with something mellow, like yoga or a leisurely walk in the park. Before you know it, you’ll be swapping yawns for shouts of 'More Bootcamping, More!'.

Fear of Injury: Starting slow is key. Then you build up a rhythm, and before you know it, you're fully going for it, sweat pouring and a brilliant sense of satisfaction. You don’t have to go from protector of the sacred sofa to marathon runner in one day. Start with low-impact exercises; remember, a little stretch also goes a long way in keeping you Bootcamping mobile.

Lack of Time: “I’m busier than a dockyard lady of the night when the ships just come in!”. Yes, we all have work to target, but squeezing in a workout is surely easier than squeezing in yet another sailor, So less Rodger the cabin boy and more bootcamping!

Perceived Lack of Skill: Worried you’ll look more like you’re flailing rather than exercising? Everyone starts somewhere, and most people weren’t born knowing how to do a perfect burpee. Embrace the awkwardness; those glorious and hilarious moments bring joy to everyone else ;-) Soon, you'll be perfect and have a wee chuckle at the next awkward burpee-er. That's a magical Bootcamping experience for sure!

Dislike of Exercise: Not everyone enjoys the gym, but there are countless ways to get active that don’t involve weights or treadmills. Dance around your living room, go on a nature hunt, or try your hand at paddle boarding. Who said exercise couldn't be fun? Even better, just get to Bootcamping, it's a bit different.

Unrealistic Goals: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a fit body (mine took 50 years!). Set realistic, bite-sized goals, but don't bite, or else you'll have to wear a muzzle to Bootcamping classes, which would be awkward! Celebrate your small victories enthusiastically.

Cost Concerns: Are you worried about the expense? You weren't worried about the cost of those three large pizzas you ordered last night, erm, while I was collecting mine (oops!) Bootcamping is PAYG, and personally tailored membership plans are available to suit your needs, so..

Social Anxiety: If sweating in public is your personal hell, then face it and keep on going until you're out the other side. The only alternative is to do absolutely nothing, and that's no good for you. Besides, Most people are caught up in their own thoughts of their own lives to judge anyone sweating in public.

Age Concerns: You’re never too old to improve your health. Many have started their fitness journeys in their 60s, 70s, and beyond. The effort is relative to you; if you could do 5 press-ups yesterday and today you do 6, then that's far more impressive than if I did 100 press-ups yesterday but only did 68 today. Your body, your journey, your improvements, you're Bootcamping.

Weather Conditions: Inclement weather? It will rain, it will snow, it will be sunny, erm, scrub the sunny, this is Northern Ireland! You might get cold and wet, but that only encourages you to get hot by moving about a lot. Bootcamping makes you hot!

Health Conditions: Tailor your exercise to your abilities. If you have a medical condition, listen more to your body; doing 20 minutes is better than none. As we age, we naturally pick up ailments and issues, but activity keeps all that at bay for longer because illness is terrified of Boot camp fitness!

Lack of Immediate Results: Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint—unless your workout is sprinting of course, which it could be. But don't be pressured into thinking too far ahead; enjoy the mindfulness principle of your workouts by being present in this moment of pain and gain while Bootcamping.

Boredom: If your workout bores you into not showing up, then do show up somewhere else. If TV is more exciting than living your life to the fullest, then at least do some squats while watching another episode of CSI—I killed my Boot Camp trainer!

Family Commitments: Your family will always need you; the best way to be useful is to be fitter, so you're around for longer and keep paying the mortgage. So get to Bootcamping to keep up your family commitments for even longer!

Conclusion: Time to Try Bootcamping at Shaws Bridge

Now that we’ve tackled the most popular exercise excuses with cheeky charm, why not consider giving Bootcamping at Shaws Bridge in Belfast a go? Here’s why: Bootcamping is fun, outdoors, and different every time—no room for boredom here! Plus, it’s a fantastic way to meet new people, enjoy some fresh air, and genuinely start enjoying your fitness journey. Remember, small steps are still steps. So, lace up, show up, and let’s turn those excuses into exercise! And remember, enjoy life; no one gets out alive, so you might as well be fit and fabulous while you’re here!



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