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Motivational Speaker

Mark McIntyre motivational speaking

 My approach to motivational speaking is innovative and refreshing, it includes the audience and talks are often fluid, that being, they change on the fly with the mood and participation of the room.
If you want to speak confidently, whether at a wedding, family gathering, giving a presentation at work, or if your plans include public speaking, then how about developing the confidence to do that?  

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Be Empowering: Each talk leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered.

Be Engaging: Draw upon relatable content with a dash of humour.

Be Enlightening: Share practical, actionable strategies/lessons.

That's all public speaking requires,
To get into the flow of that with greater confidence, I'll help you with position, posture, tone and less of the drone :) 
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The art of a proactively mindful Life self help book
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