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Ryde 5km Run around Appley Park, Ryde Beach & Puckpool Park, LIFTu Isle of Wight Personal Trainer

5km run Ryde Beach Appley Park Isle of Wight personal trainer

If you want to start your fitness journey, how about covering 5km? Whether you run or walk this route, you'll benefit tremendously. So, join the Isle of Wight personal trainer, and let's do this!

Covering distance can be a super enjoyable experience when it comes to running in Ryde, along the seafront; my preference is early in the morning; it's peaceful and enables me to clear my head and make a positive and uninterrupted start to the day. The views are amazing, and we're lucky to live on this fantastic island!

Walking and turning that into running offers visual feedback on your fitness improvements. The distance is fixed, the route is set, and so the critical factor is the time taken to go the distance,

Completing the run/walk. Distance is 5.2km.
  1. Start at the duck pond (end closest to the rescue station)

  2. run around the duckpond anti-clockwise until you're back where you started

  3. Head toward the Appley Cafe/rescue station

  4. turn left up Apply lane and turn left at the cottage

  5. Follow the path, keeping Appley Park on your left

  6. Take care as you advance down the steep hill (it can be slippery.

  7. Turn right, down the slope and keep left, heading along the path next to the sea as you pass the Dell Cafe.

  8. keep going until you approach the blue-coloured Boat House pub

  9. Turn right into PuckPool Park, follow the road keeping the park to your left and battlements to your right.

  10. You'll run through a leafy car park, then a path, back by the beach, and turn left.

  11. Run with the sea to your right, past the Appley Folley and public loos, and past the Appley Cafe.

  12. Do a second anti-clockwise run around the duck pond, and once you're back where you started, you're done :)

When you've done that, how about letting me know how you got on, either comment below, tell me in person or visit the facebook page :)

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