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Isle of Wight Follies, short stories of the true-ish mystery of the mystical island by Mark McIntyre

Updated: May 26, 2023

Isle of Wight follies by Mark McIntyre

Coming soon !

Welcome to the enchanting world of Isle of Wight Follies, where imagination knows no bounds and mythical creatures come alive. Step into a realm where captivating stories intertwine with whimsical towns and where legends and folklore come to life in vibrant detail.

'Isle of Wight Follies' is a mesmerizing collection of short stories that transports readers to the mystical landscapes of the Isle of Wight. Each tale weaves together the rich tapestry of 'the creatures' and 'the towns,' creating a captivating narrative that will leave you spellbound.

Uncover the secrets of Alverstone, a town protected by the fearsome Manticore, a creature with the body of a lion, the wings of a bat, and a tail adorned with deadly spines. Feel the shivers down your spine as you encounter the lurking zombies of Shanklin, haunting the streets with their insatiable hunger.

Let your imagination take flight as you explore the hidden depths of Ventnor, where the legendary Hydra sea monster reigns, or brave the treacherous journey to Ryde, where the mighty Sea Serpent awaits with its fearsome presence.

But it's not all darkness and peril. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Sandown, where majestic Cyclops creatures roam the shores, filling the air with a sense of wonder and mystery. And venture into the magical realm of Brook, where the mischievous Fairies bring joy and laughter to all who encounter them.

'Isle of Wight Follies' is a literary masterpiece that transcends boundaries, appealing to both young and adult readers. Each story is expertly crafted to ignite your imagination, transporting you to a world where anything is possible. With rich descriptions, vivid characters, and captivating plots, these tales will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Whether you're a fan of mythical creatures, fables, or simply seeking an escape from reality, Isle of Wight Follies promises an unforgettable reading experience. So, embark on this remarkable journey and immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of the Isle of Wight.

'Isle of Wight Follies' is now available for order. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and let your imagination soar. Get your copy today and let the enchantment begin!

Book out soon :)

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